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How Efficient are Today’s solar panels, anyway?

Are you thinking about switching over to photovoltaic (solar) energy? You’ve come to the right guide! We think that solar technology is incredible, but the public really doesn’t have a lot of information. Most people that are open about switching to solar come off as fringe folks that are distrusting, rather than people simply focused on a better world for all of us. The truth is that the old ways of getting energy to power our lives may not always be around. Wouldn’t it be better to convert energy from the sun, which is a renewable resource, rather than simply fall back on tradition, which could be depleted in our lifetimes?

So let’s talk about what solar panels really are. They are a group of solar cells. Each cell has energy producing abilities, but when you put them together you get a panel. The panel can handle a lot more than a mere cell, of course.

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The efficiency of solar energy is something that people speculate on. Generally speaking, most popular solar packages on the market can convert around 15% of the total energy available from the sun. Now, that’s going to be a low number to a lot of people. But one area that people are looking at would be the concentration of solar panels. This is exciting because it means that we could harness up to 40-50%, rather than the normal 15%. Read more