Green Energy – 3 Ways to Reduce Your Energy Bills

There are so many different benefits to green energy, but one of the most important is reducing your bills. Simply by paying a little more attention to the energy in your home can play a major role in the money you spend each month. However, some of the examples here today take longer to get an ROI.

#1 Sealing “Drafty” Areas

Take a look around your home and you will most likely find air seeping in or out of your home. One of the first places to check is your front door. It’s always been a major culprit in older homes, and just by putting a blanket in front of it, you could save tons of money on your energy bill. However, if you want to purchase something a little more “stylish,” then we recommend a rubber seal made for the bottom of your door. When company comes over they won’t even notice it’s a separate piece from the door.


Other areas you might consider checking are:

* The Garage – If you own an older home, there could be holes in your garage that lead to the basement. Anytime you open the basement door, you could be letting cold air in the home. You can eliminate this by filling the holes with caulking foam.

* The Windows – Another major energy killer, older windows always seem to let in some type of air. During the winter you can seal the windows with plastic. When the plastic bubbles, you know there is a leak in that window. You could also replace the window(s), but this could cost thousands of dollars. The return on your investment could take a long time to recuperate.

#2 Green Energy Lighting

You won’t notice the benefits right away, but purchasing different lighting for your home can be a big money saver. Depending on how many lights you have in your house (or apartment), will depend on the length of time it takes to get your money back. Most energy saving lights today will last double to quadruple the hours of an old-fashioned light bulb.

We recommend purchasing enough for the entire home in order to receive the biggest savings.

#3 Major Appliances w/Energy Star

Appliances with the Energy Star tag came out back in the late 1980s-early 1990s. These are built specifically to help save you money. These items are a little more expensive than buying plastic or caulking foam, but the overall benefits are much higher on a financial level.

Some of the appliances to consider are:

* Dishwasher

* Dryer

* Hot Water Heater

* Microwave

* Refrigerator

* Washer

It seems like an oxy-moron to tell you to spend money in order to save it, but the big picture is more important. Just by taking advantage of the three suggestions above, any household will save thousands of dollars over the next decade. If you truly want to enjoy the savings, and then put away all the money you save on the energy bills each month. Over time this money will visibly build and can be spent in other financial areas, or maybe a vacation.

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