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Self-Driving Automative Technology hits the E-Mobility Space

E-mobility is all about changing the way we drive. So it makes sense that there are now calls to embrace self-driving technology. The idea of a car driving itself used to be the work of science fiction, but today there are prototypes that show us exactly how that might look.

Smarter technology would allow a connected car to be “always on”, wirelessly communicating with the internet. While critics of this type of technology argue that it would be next to impossible to shield motorists from hacking attempts, there are so many benefits to self-driving cars that we wanted to talk about it a little bit more.

Self-Driving Automative Technology

1. The Disabled Reclaim Their Freedom

Those with disabilities no longer have to worry about flaky handlers or transportation systems. With self-driving cars on the road, they could simply get in and tell the car where they want to go. They would be safe because the vehicle is sensing any and all obstacles that come in the way. The car would know how fast to go, when to slow down, when to brake and they could always emergency stop the vehicle if necessary. This would go far beyond the hand controls that are installed in some cars today to address the needs of people who are paralyzed below the waist.

2. Increased Growth for Automakers

An extended study of the e-mobility space by PriceWaterhouseCooper indicated that cars with this type of technology could truly become hot commodities, boasting sales of over 100 billion euros by 2021.

Is this what’s meant by disruptive technology? Somewhat, but it’s so much more. Read more

Addressing Recharging Needs of the Electric Car

Interested in electromobility? The ultimate goal would be getting an electric car. When we talk about electric vehicles with people, they instantly start imagining all of their troubles fading away. No more gas stations! No more stinky gas! No more risk of fire! Everything will be just perfect. The truth is that electric vehicles bring a lot of benefits to the table, but there are still some drawbacks. One of the biggest things that you will have to think about if you’re serious about getting an electric vehicle is that you’ll have to think about where you can charge the car. You can charge your car at home but what about when you go on the road? You’re basically at the mercy of charging stations that you find along the way. More cities are rolling out charging stations, but there may be some problems as you go from the city into a more rural area.

Recharging Electric Car

When it comes to electric vehicles, the amount of miles that you can go is determined by a few factors.

First and foremost, you have to think about the weather. While you’re probably used to thinking about the weather because of driving conditions, you need to think about the weather in terms of how it’s going to affect your battery life on the vehicle. When the weather is very hot, you’re going to have problems with the total range that you can go on a single charge. The battery will wear down much faster in extreme heat or when it’s super cold compared to a moderate day with just a little bit of rain. Humidity can also play a factor in battery life. If you’re planning a trip, make sure that you plan accordingly.

Next, you want to look at how you drive. If you tend to be a gas pedal hog, you’re going to burn up a lot of the battery’s energy. Same with braking really hard. Some electric vehicles let you recapture some of the energy as you go with gentle breaks. Gentle handling of your vehicle prevents losing the large driving range that you’ve come to depend on.

Finally, think about your comfort level in the vehicle itself. If you’re driving in the winter, chances are good that you’re going to want to run the heat to stay warm. Same with the summer: the air conditioner inside the vehicle will become your best friend. These things are going to affect the range you get out of the battery. The windshield wipers and headlights are also going to play a role in how long your battery lasts, as these are all systems that will tap into the battery.

Does this mean that electric vehicles aren’t useful? Not at all. If anything, itís good to see how effective electric vehicles can be. Also, as there are more and more charging stations being built, you will not have to worry as much about running on a single charge than you were in the beginning.

Germany’s 2020 Electromobility Plan Is Amazing

Germany’s certainly trying to lead the world in terms of electromobility, and one way to do that is to have a clear vision of the technology and its applications in society. Reducing energy emissions is a good thing, and we need to look at any and all solutions that will allow us to get things done. Instead of pouring through all of the official documents yourself, we created a guide for you that breaks down exactly what Germany plans to have in place by 2020. Given how massive electromobility has become, it’s interesting that these goals are estimated to be completed in a little less than 5 years time. Amazing!

The first thing you should know is that this plan was not created in a vacuum. It is a partnership between the Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi), Building and Urban Affairs, the Federal Ministry of Transport, the Federal Ministry for the Environment, the Federal Ministry for Education and Research, and the Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety group. The idea for this started back in 2007, to address the problem of energy emissions as well as more efficient vehicles.

Electromobility Plan

The National Electromobility Development Plan covers nearly 500 million Euros worth of incentives to promote better vehicles, as well as the energy storage devices that these vehicles need. Given the scope of this project and the desire to have a million e-vehicles on the road by 2020, the plan has been expanded with an addition one billion Euros.

One of the main points of the plan is to support the batteries that will run these electric vehicles. The new generation of batteries will need to have a larger capacity, as most drivers go very long distances. Charging stations along the way are ideal, but it will take some time before the full infrastructure is in place. There’s no reason that we have to wait until every single charging station is in place, of course. With larger battery arrays, the vehicles can go longer on a single charge.

The plan calls for 500 million Euros of funding for a national innovation program just to account for this issue. Germany is set on reducing over 34 million tons of CO2 by 2020. Auto manufacturers have been following hits news carefully and responding to the challenge very well. The German Association of the Automotive Industry indicates that there are already over 250 cars in production that meet the CO2 target level. It is assumed that there are additional cars to follow. Read more

What is E-Mobility and why are Companies Using it?

Electro mobility or e-mobility is one of the hottest topics surrounding the automotive industry. Over the past decade, full electric vehicles and hybrid options have been the center of attention. In a push to help our society go-green, utilizing this technology has become the wave of the future.

Due to various consumer reports, several automotive companies are choosing to invest in this innovation. One of the biggest names turning to the electric and hybrid vehicles is; Porsche. In fact, their newly acquired slogan is; “Direction: Future.” This concept is telling future customers, Porsche is bringing in new ideas, and this one is going to be a journey.


Why E-Mobility

In a world where wars are started due to oil and petroleum, global warming continues to get worse, and the scarcity levels are reaching an all-time high, e-mobility is a feasible alternative. By replacing oil with renewable electricity, overall fuel consumption will dissipate. In addition, electro mobility’s energy consumption is about 1/4 of what a regular unleaded vehicle would use.

How does Electro Mobility Work?

There are several automotive businesses selling vehicles with this type of technology. While Porsche is a popular name for individuals who love sports cars, there are more conservative companies (e.g. Volkswagen) offering similar benefits. By help from a high-voltage lithium-ion battery, a person or family can drive around the city without using any fuel.

Another benefit is zero to very few local emissions from the vehicle will take place. Most importantly, consumers enjoy fuel savings, as well as longer driving distances without spending additional money. However, once the vehicle has exhausted its charge, simply drive it home and plug it in to the vehicle’s charge. Read more

Electric Mobility Scooters

These days you can find the mobility scooter that is just right for your needs and your budget. Mobility scooters come in many varieties, so you can find the one that perfectly provides what you need. From folding scooters to travel scooters and heavy duty mobility scooters, you can find scooters with different capabilities that can accommodate your needs and your daily lifestyle.

Indoor Use Mobility Scooters

Indoor use mobility scooters

Indoor use mobility scooters are battery-powered single rider vehicles that may have either three or four wheels, giving users not just an improved ability to move around their home with less assistance, but also more access to the outside world as well.

Outdoor Use Mobility Scooters

Outdoor use mobility scooters can provide those with limited mobility the ease of use of regular scooters combined with the convenience and flexibility that comes from a scooter that can be used outside of the home, on rough ground or smooth.

Heavy Duty Mobility Scooters

Some scooters provide certain features that make them an ideal choice for those users who have a higher weight or need a wider seat. Many heavy duty mobility scooters can handle weights of up to 500 pounds and offer a wider, more comfortable padded seat, often with a 360 degree swivel for easier mounting and dismounting.

3 Wheel Travel Mobility Scooters

The 3 wheel travel scooters offer more legroom for those with longer legs, and they often have a closer turning radius, making them good choices for indoor or home use. They are also often lighter, resulting in increased portability.

4 Wheel Travel Mobility Scooters

These scooters have a broader base with four wheels instead of three, providing a more balanced ride. This balance and stability is important for many users, particularly if they have difficulty remaining balanced.

3 Wheel Mobility Scooters

These 3 wheel scooters provide more maneuverability than the four wheel variety, with less bulk, a tighter turning radius, and sleek aerodynamic styling. Many brands offer a variety of features, including a padded or contoured seat for extra comfort, adjustable tiller and seat for size customization, and some can be disassembled or folded for easy moving and storage. Read more